We Need To Stop This 'Butt Glitter' Trend In Its Tracks

Why are these people covering their derrieres in glitter? Let's discuss.

Glitter is impossibly difficult to remove from your body once it has latched itself on, but there’s an artist who wants you to slather it all over your butt.

Inspired by that sand-stuck-on-your-butt feeling you get at the beach, Mia Kennington gave birth to the concept of “glitter butts” with her U.K.-based team, The Gypsy Shrine.

The Gypsy Shrine team is comprised of professional face painters, body painters and hair stylists who create looks for various events, festivals, pop-up shops and bachelorette parties. Their aesthetic is eclectic, over-the-top and very shiny, i.e. perfect Instagram fodder.

The glitter butts came to be after a trip to the Beyond Sahara festival in Morocco. Kennington told Cosmopolitan that she and artist Sophia Morenowere getting sand all over” their butts and thought to “enhance” the feeling with “loads and loads of glitter.”

For a festival or concert, the glitter butts make sense. For a casual afternoon at the beach or roaming about, glitter butts are probably not a thing you should do.

If you MUST glitter your butt, go forth and prosper. But for the rest of us? Let’s leave the shiny stuff in the bottle and off our bums.

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