We Never Knew Love Until We Saw These Pleated Wedding Cakes

These couture-like concoctions defy all expectation.

Succulents, hydrangeas, Baroque details: We’d thought we’d seen it all when it comes to trendy, jaw-dropping cakes. But our favorite craze du jour is actually rather classic-looking. Friends, say hello to swooping, 3-D, frosting pleats. Recently we’ve been noting a major trend toward these fabric-inspired confections. And honestly? They’re giving our dream wedding gowns a run for their money. Join us in swooning over (and pinning) these edible works of art.

What’s better than pleated pools of fondant? Pleated pools of fondant with a peep-through to watercolor blooms.

We mean, it just doesn’t get much prettier than pastel pleats topped with sugared anemones, now does it?

Somebody needs to call Vera Wang HQ about the genius who pulled off this artfully draped number.

Sorry, but this frosting texture is legit more sumptuous-looking than your wedding dress’s.

Gravity, shmavity: These couture-like concoctions defy all expectation.