We Provide Clean & Reliable Stump Grinding Services in Sydney; you’re Home, Courtyard, Pool Surround & Driveway to Last a Lifetime

Our qualified and experienced tree lopping team ensures every project is produced to the highest quality. We offer variety of tree lopping & landscape design services through documentation and attention to detail from our skilled tree lopping team.

A garden transforms the whole look of a house and also provides tranquility and serenity to home owners. Unless physical restrictive, our designs are based on natural elements and curves to make your garden area, soothing to the soul & unique in appearance. Our philosophy is to make your small garden’s look lush, large and expansive.

Our designs and plans offer a number of stages including our visit and discussion to evaluate the options that suit you. As a professional service provider of stump grinding in Sydney, we follow the given steps:

Discussing your aesthetic and practical needs

• Photos taken

• Drawing

• Planting list, stages and options

• Further discussions and planning at the nursery that involves looking at plant options and design books that might inspire.

Having vast knowledge of style and location, we can design any size, style and shape of your garden that suit your taste. We also discuss how you plan to use the space and whether your focus is kids or a party zone. Having extensive experience with international clients, we can fit the brief whether it

be for formal, traditional, contemporary, urban or cottage garden style.

All the issues related to the site are carefully evaluated during the consultation and the initial site visit. Having skilled tree lopping services in Sydney, we always follow a detailed site plan, itemized estimate and design strategy. Our designs will provide you a careful and complete documented garden solution, which will also cover every necessary ‘council requirements’. The bespoke document will cover all the aspects of your project, including planting options, material selection for all nominated plants, trees, soil conditioning and irrigation.

We always welcome you to discuss the designs of your likes, dislikes and how you plan to use the space for tree lopping garden design. Having knowledge and expertise, the designers will use their skills to prepare a perfect plan for your garden. Once complete, we will present you with the planting plan to review that brings your vision to life.

We are one of the most trusted tree lopping contractors. Our mission is to provide you with a complete tree lopping service that exceeds your expectations. Our tree lopping experts lovingly laid each part with attention to detail and clean up everything after the work.

Having a friendly team consists of highly skilled professionals; we make sure to provide you a complete peace of mind. All of our tree lopping contractors are trained and motivated to work on your residential and commercial projects. It is a stylish and low cost way to create utility in your outdoor space for an individual touch, it’s been waiting for.

While choosing loppers for your project, we take a complete look at your garden to select the most appropriate home. Having expertise in tree lopping work, we can assist you in choosing the correct loppers for your home.

There are many tree lopper strengths and patterns to choose from, that’s why our architects, contractors and landscaping designers come up with new ideas & designs every day.

We offer several patterns of tree lopping in Sydney including basket weave, radial, herringbone, and stretcher bond, a combination of stretchers & headers and also in large paver patterns.

With the number of available paver materials to choose from, picking the right one may seem like a daunting task. We have different available tree loppers types such as brick, terracotta, clay, concrete, timber, cut slate, or split stone (such as granite, limestone or sandstone) and ceramic. Each of these options provides a unique benefit. If you are after beauty then natural stone loppers will satisfy you but if you are expecting versatility, concrete lopper could be what you need.

Importance of a Good Base

Completing your tree lopping job will ensure that the base is laid correctly and the tree loppers will not move over time. The tree lopping base may be either concrete slab or compressed sand & road base. Having extensive experience of tree lopping, we make sure that drainage will not be an issue while installing paving.

When it comes to Hardscaping, we will determine through your local council, whether you meet the regulations or you need to obtain permit before commencing the project.

Quality Service and Advice

At Maaliki Tree Services, we will provide you with the finest quality service & advice on all aspects of your tree lopping requirement. From conception to completion, our experienced tradespeople will love to advise you on the best methods of installation.

Whatever the size and scope of your project, we will provide the best quote that suits your budget, project and specific needs. We service the entire Sydney and welcome you to contact us for an obligation free quote. Feel free to contact us; we look forward to hear from you.

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