We Rank Flight Attendant Uniforms From Worst to Sexiest

06/12/2014 01:01pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017
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As air travel's evolved from the free-wheeling, chain-smoking, good time emporium at altitude that it once was, to the no frills, no fun hell it's become, it makes sense that the flight attendant's uniforms would also change over the years.

Stripped of their short skirts, today's cabin crew sport sad, drab, and mostly gawd-awful uniforms. But to every rule there's a sexy exception, which is why we've ranked the very worst to the absolute hottest in-flight attire.


14. Southwest
Easily the most Pat-from-SNL outfit of the group, it's almost as if someone at Southwest accidentally went all-in on a massive Overstock order of pleated Dockers remains from the late '90s. Really, they might as well be wearing potato sacks. How is she even able to fake that smile?

13. SAS
Are they bringing us Bloody Marys or taking us to a golf tournament in Boca... in 1986? Almost as drab as these regrettable inflight meals.


12. Aer Lingus
Not only does the teal hurt the eyes of anyone who doesn't have MJD on his fantasy team, but that blazer's hiding everything underneath. Which is too bad, and makes us think it might be better on the no-fly list.

11. Austrian Airlines
If the delayed departure and lack of overhead bin space don't have you seeing red, well, every flight attendant on board will.


10. Air New Zealand
With, um, avant-garde in-flight safety videos like this one, we expected to see a little more skin on Air NZ flight attendants. At least it "hugs the hips" as the fashion people say, right? They say that, don't they?

9. Korean Air
Come on, matching shirts and jackets? Even we know that's a look reserved exclusively for mob lawyers and high schoolers from Staten Island.


8. Emirates
We can't decide whether the hat is odd, or just oddly sexy, but either way, this modern take on traditional garb has us flying high.

7. Air Canada Rouge
The tilted fedora, the untucked cardigans -- is this an airline or social media startup? For some reason, we're expecting these stylish hipsters to break out in song any minute now.

Credit: Qantas

6. Qantas
Go-go-gadget... extra pretzels!

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