'We Saw Your Junk,' Kevin Gisi's Parody Of 'We Saw Your Boobs,' Hits YouTube (VIDEO)

Kevin Gisi goes delightfully below the belt in "We Saw Your Junk," a YouTube parody (above) of Seth MacFarlane's controversial "We Saw Your Boobs" number from the Oscars.

The spunky spoof reminds movie lovers that while many actresses have gone topless -- as celebrated in MacFarlane's song -- there's plenty of male full-frontal out there to snicker at as well.

And with lyrics like "Ewan McGregor, your penis really sells," how can "We Saw Your Junk" not charm?

"I figured if we're going to objectify women, we sure as heck better objectify men too!" Gisi wrote with his YouTube posting.

MSN noted some of the ball-baring Thespians mentioned in the ditty, including Jason Segel in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and Harvey Keitel in "The Piano."

It can be debated whether this junk-for-a-boob eye-for-an-eye approach truly levels the playing field, but at the very least, Gisi has demonstrated he can hold a tune and knows his movie nudity.



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