We Shood Make Eevin Moar Cuts to Publick Educayshun

What are all these teechurs complayning about? I meen, what the heck do they reely do for saciety anyways?
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What are all these teechurs complayning about? I meen, what the heck do they reely do for saciety anyways? Its not like their teeching how to make munney or how to own propurty or anything thats usefull. May be if they cood teach stuf like that, this cuntry would not be in the cundishun its in.

If, more peeple gradjewated frum high skewl reddy to "take no prisiners" in the world of bizness the good ol US of A wood knot be broke rite now. But innsted these stoodents lern abowt stoopid stuff like math and reeding and sience and the sience part is the wurst because that goes agenst God. Reeding is pritty bad, to, because it onlee puts foolish noshuns in to peeples heds.

And lookit all the forreners frum uther cuntries. There heethen cuntries make all there stoodents lern math and sience reel good and then how do thees forreners repaye there sitisins? By forsing them to come over here to America and do all the math and sience jobs nobuddy else wants too do. So it is not like American stoodents half to wurry about lerning math or sience bee coz there are no more jobs for them in those catergorrees anyways.

Baysickly then thats too stoopid tipes of lerning we dont need no more. As for the 3rd tipe well, you show me the won person who's life has bin impruved by reeding and I will show you a commy smarteepants who ot to be slaped for thinking he is beter than me.

If America is going to remane cumpetative it is going to half to change it's pryoratees. And that meens sending the teechurs pakking and just leting thees kids start geting jobs rite a way. They will lern the valew ov a dolar and it will give them like 12 yeers to save up and then when they are dun they will have sumthing to show for it. Then they can take that munney and invesst it in Americas infastucture until one day they are rich enuff to not relie on the guvernment for helth care or soshal secureidy.

This wood all so elimanate the clame that low incum or at risk kids wood be hert the most by cuts in publick educayshun, bee coz with my plan there wood be no more low incum kids.

You may say this plan duz not make enny sence, but peeple who say that are just peeple who have been stoopid enuf to go to skewl. Like these joekers who hav tawked abowt awkupying Walls Street. But that's anuther storie lol.

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