We Should Not Bring Back Torture

Last week it was reported in an ABC News interview Donald Trump believes that torture or waterboarding does in fact work. He has even stated during his presidential campaign that he intends to bring it back. I do believe that Trump is wrong on this and both Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) have both gone on record recently stating that he is wrong. Torture does not work and it should remain illegal; those who have gone through it, including Senator John McCain (R-AZ), will tell you that it doesn’t work. Even scientists and those who were held at Guantanamo Bay will also tell you that it doesn’t work. Both Paul and Sanders, and many others, are doing to right thing to criticize Trump for ignorantly supporting such a nightmare.

There is no doubt that waterboarding is immoral and self-destructive, and it is quite obvious that Trump is one of those who have not learned that it will cause devastating effects and lead to unintended consequences. I could go on talking about how barbaric waterboarding is but I will tell you that, like imposing regime change, torture does not help keep the US safe from terrorist attacks. What’s scary is that we are so used to being the biggest bully in the world that we can’t imagine how anyone else could overpower us; I find that to be an arrogant, ignorant, naive and dangerous way of thinking. I honestly will never understand how anyone can say with a straight face that waterboarding is not torture.

As I leave you all with this, I want you all to think about how it worked out for those who have gone through such a nightmare. Think about whether you would want to suffer such an experience. It’s unfortunate that many have not reached this conclusion and I hope that going forward that we don’t give our government the power to torture or they could, and I’m not saying it will happen, potentially get the power to torture innocent Americans. Let us make sure that never ever happens and let us make sure that, as Bernie has said, that we do not “lead this country into shame and barbarity.”