We Still Work Like It's 1995

The workplace is in the midst of a major transformation in terms of digital technology, collaboration, talent acquisition, and much more.

And yet we still work like it’s 1995. Meanwhile legacy IT and email tools are failing us, the new workforce is DIY BYOD and BYOA (bring your own device; bring your own apps); and innovation is stuck in knowledge cul-de-sacs.

The convergence of the social, mobile, the cloud and data has enabled new tools and new architectures to emerge. The cultures are slowly changing also - from expertise to collaboration; from keep the knowledge to share the knowledge.

We’re also seeing some healthy competition in enterprise collaboration and communication tools such as Slack, SharePoint, HipChat, and much more.

Good talent has moved from job search to career management and some employers are understanding the pressing need for better employer branding to attract that talent.

Let’s spend the rest of the year getting out of 1995-mode and into the work of the future. Innovation lies right around the corner - time to get moving.

Beverly is the author of the best selling book The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing. She also teaches the Global Business of Sports & Entertainment at UCLA Anderson School of Management and is a thought leader in IoT, Big Data and Digital Media trends.

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