We Take From The Community. We Must Put Back in the Community. #GivingBack


Tangerine's involvement in the community is deep and genuine, and works on an individual and a company level. Why do we bother?

As an Internet-based bank, does it matter if we show our faces anywhere near our actual offices? What dividend does this pay out? Every function we have can be done through smartphone, tablet or computer, and the closest contact we need to make is a phone call.

Such thinking is false. Getting involved in the community isn't a choice or a strategy, it's a responsibility. What you take out from a place you must put back in equal amounts--that's what we strive for.

We are established in actual communities, surrounded by real people, businesses, schools and everything else. For us to treat these places as nothing more than a convenience is ignorant and selfish, traits often associated with irresponsible business. Responsibility is what it means to be a good citizen. After all, you want your neighbourhood and community to be a great place. Everyone has to pitch in.

Every year, we create a Community Report to share what we've been doing to help Canadians live better lives. In our 2015 Community Report you'll read all about the fantastic organizations we worked with, creating a positive impact and helping to build thriving Canadian communities. The report also includes information about how Tangerine Clients get value from their experiences with us, as well as our Public Accountability Statement. To view our 2015 Community Report, click here.

Our involvement in the community also makes for cool moments like these with our ambassador Steve Nash. For more information on our partnership with Steve Nash visit brightwayforward.com.