We, The People, Will Pay For This

Because so many Australians are terrorists.

Because so many Canadians are terrorists.

Because so many Sikhs are terrorists.

Because this administration thrives on chaos and confusion.

Because this president said “an extremely credible source” told him our former president wasn’t an American.

Because border agents and TSA are now empowered to bully and belittle with no repercussions.

Because 15 of the 19 WTC attackers were Saudi, and the rest from United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Lebanon, ye none of them are part of the travel ban.

Because people do not believe the Ku Klux Klan represents all Americans, yet those same people believe Al Qaeda and ISIL represent all Muslims.

Because we should all be ashamed, and yet some of us still gloat.

Because ignorance is a disease, and this administration is Typhoid Mary.

Because this country is caught in a horrifying vortex of hatred and ignorance, that can only end in disaster.

Because we, the people, will pay for this. Not the administration. Not the bankers. Not the Putins, the Trumps, the Millers or Bannons or Mercers or Ricketts or Koch. Not one of them will pay, not emotionally, and not financially.

We, the people, will be left to face history, and we, the people, will be left to pay the bill.