Americans Are Using #WeTooAreAmerica To Share Their Immigration Stories

"My father escaped the Nazi occupation by coming to US by visa... Grateful that the immigration policy saved his life - & mine."

President Donald Trump’s major decisions on immigration this week have sparked both physical protests and social media firestorms.

In the week since taking office, Trump has signed executive orders calling for an expansion of the barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border and limiting the entry of Muslims and refugees into the U.S. He also threatened to punish so-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions, which currently limit how much local law enforcement cooperates with federal deportation efforts.

While many immigrants shared their coming to America stories this week via the hashtag #ImAlreadyHome, another popular hashtag appeared on Saturday: #WeTooAreAmerica.

Actress Allison Scagliotti was one of the first to use the hashtag, asking others for their stories in the process of sharing her own.

Scagliotti said that her family emigrated from Italy via Ellis Island. Others described the hardships their loved ones faced when coming to the U.S. ― and the success they had when they got here.

See some of the stories below:

You can find more stories, and share your own, on Twitter here.

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