We Want Weiner: 5 Reasons and Slogans for Weiner Support

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When Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-PA) became the first democrat to call on Weiner to resign, she claimed to do so in the name of his constituents: "Having the respect of your constituents is fundamental for a Member of Congress. In light of Anthony Weiner's offensive behavior online, he should resign." Well, I agree Congresswoman Schwartz, that the respect of your constituents is fundamental. Now that we know that Weiner has the support of 56% of his constituents, can we, out of respect to said constituents, stop asking him to resign? And since the national approval rating for Congress is among the lowest it's been for nearly 40 years, perhaps Congresswoman Schwartz and all members of congress should resign or at least work harder to actually win the respect of their constituents.

There are serious reasons why it would be wrong for Anthony Weiner to resign.

  1. For those people claiming to care about the constituents, his constituents don't want him to resign.
  2. For those people claiming to care about his wife, well his wife doesn't want him to resign. But she is pregnant! For shame? You know what's worse than having an unemployed husband? Having an unemployed husband when you're pregnant and then when you have a child.
  3. For those people claiming to care about standards, morality, decency, first get rid of Senator Vitter who actually broke the law by soliciting prostitutes, and offends, I'd assume, your sense of decency with his penchant for diapers. Also, by campaigning on "family values" and attempting to legislate morality, VItter is a hypocrite who violates the very norms he defends and engages in the so-called deviancy he condemns.
  4. For those of you claiming to care about Weiner's lies, of all the lies told by politicians, is this really the one we want someone to resign over? This lie -- about Mr. Weiner's own personal weapon of mass destruction, not literal Weapons of Mass destruction -- did not kill anyone or make the world less safe.
  5. For those who claim that Weiner is distracting the Democrats from focusing on Ryan's medicare debacle, this speaks not to a Weiner weakness, but the failure of non-Weiner democrats to play the media as well as the Republicans do. Don't LET this become a distraction. The sad irony is that Weiner is probably the only democrat with the cojones (which we KNOW he has) and skill to move the discourse away from Weinergate and re-focus on attacking the Republicans.

Much has been made of Weiner's weiner and Weiner's Weiner name. I, for one, have chosen to reclaim the nomenclature and use it as a tool for Weiner Support by, for example, identifying myself as pro-Weiner and Weiner positive, and starting a "No Weiner, No Peace" Facebook Page. Here are some slogans to help us exalt our Weiner.

We Want Weiner! 5 Reasons & Slogans to Support your Weiner

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