We Want You! We Need You!


Media pundits and candidates think they know what women want from our next President, but they don't. Rather than wait for them to ask us, we created WE Decide 2016 so that thousands of women in business can join, give their opinions individually through polls and surveys and have the results put in front of candidates and the media so there is no question about what is most important to us.

One woman's voice and vote matter, but the collective voices of thousands of women, clearly defining what they want from the next President will have a major impact on the election. Together, we can do it. Here's how:

WHO: Women - working women, women business owners, women entrepreneurs, women in the military, women employees, women care givers... is you're a woman, we want to hear from you.

WHAT: Join WE Decide 2016. It's easy, free and confidential. Sign up today to create a Personal Polling Station and begin taking polls and surveys about issues that matter most to you, your family, your business. Your Personal Polling Station will be your outlet from now until the election to voice your opinions, cares, wants and needs. Unlike other polling sites, your personal data and responses will remain private, never to be sold without permission or benefit. WE Decide 2016 will take the collective results directly to the candidates and media to make our voice heard.

WHEN: Start TODAY. Now is the time to elevate our opinions and wants so the candidates can re-prioritize their platform to focus on the largest voting population - women.

WHY: Women have voted at higher rates than men in every Presidential election since 1980. We have the influence and power to elect the next President - let's make it count. Let's elect a President that advocates for women business owners and women in business!

The more women who join us the louder and more powerful our voices and opinions will be because WE decide what we want. Women notoriously make our own rules and I, for one, don't want anyone putting words in my mouth or deciding what I want without listening to me.

If you want to be part of the power of the voices of women across America and help inform and elect our next President, join WE Decide 2016 today. If all the women in America can speak with a loud collective voice, there will be no denying us access to credit, capital, contracts, affordable healthcare and so much more.

Please join me today at WE Decide 2016. We must speak up now in order to tell the candidates exactly what we want!