We Were Right About Joe Lieberman

We could have had a real Democrat in that seat. Or at least someone who isn't madly in love with George Bush. I wish Joe knew how to quit him.
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We were right. The people of Connecticut should have never trusted Joe Lieberman. One third of Democratic voters in Connecticut voted for Lieberman in the general election against Ned Lamont. And they screwed the whole country.

We could have had a real Democrat in that seat. Or at least someone who isn't madly in love with George Bush. I wish Joe knew how to quit him.

First, Senator Lieberman pretended to be a concerned moderate on Iraq during the election and then immediately showed how extreme he is right after the election. There was no more talk about finding the best possible way out of Iraq. Instead, Lieberman immediately embraced escalation.

How many Democratic votes do you think Lieberman would have gotten in Connecticut if he had been honest and told the voters that he planned to support an escalation of the Iraq War as soon as he was elected? Not very many. That's why he had to lie, like he always does.

If you think that's too harsh, you haven't seen the latest news. During the 2006 election, Lieberman promised to hold hearings on how the Bush administration handled Hurricane Katrina if he was elected. He would be the head of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. He would be the one that would make the decision on what hearings to hold and what documents to demand from the White House. He promised he would hold them accountable.

Of course, as always he was lying. Instead, he has just announced that he will hold no such hearings and that he will ask for none of the documents that could show how the administration mishandled the crisis. Heaven forbid that he should do his job.

Any other Democrat in that position would naturally take this topic up. If we don't know what went wrong, we can't fix it for next time. But I guess Lieberman doesn't care. He doesn't care what happened to the people of New Orleans. He doesn't care to find out what went wrong and how it can be addressed. And he doesn't care if we make the same exact mistakes the next time.

I don't get his motivation on this. We always knew he was lying about Iraq. His pride would never allow him to support a withdrawal. Besides, he is a true neoconservative in foreign policy. There is not one senator who is to the right of Lieberman on foreign policy. He even makes Sam Brownback look like a liberal when it comes to warmongering.

But why screw the people of New Orleans? Is it because he is a pathological liar, so if he said he would do the right thing, he is forced by his condition to do the opposite? Is it because he has such a man-crush on George Bush that he can't countenance having him hurt in any way? Does he have some financial or political gain in keeping things covered up?

It doesn't make any sense. My best guess is that he is trying to protect the administration so that they can be as politically healthy as possible in order to carry out their plan for escalating the Iraq War. They are going to need all the political capital they can get. So, Lieberman is protecting them.

It could also be that he is trying to goad the Democrats into taking his chairmanship away, thereby giving him an excuse to switch parties. If he switched over to the Republican side, that would hand the Senate right back to the Republicans. And also add tremendously to their political capital -- which they would expend on Iraq.

I despise Joe Lieberman. I loathe him with the power of a thousand white hot suns. We knew he was going to do something like this. We knew he didn't give a damn about the Democratic Party. We knew all he cared about was making sure we escalated the Iraq War and never withdrew. And we knew he was lying to everyone in Connecticut to preserve his own power.

This man claims to be a moral standard-bearer and then deceives the very people that trusted him to protect their interests. As usual with these religious hypocrites, he doesn't have any morals at all. The only thing that matters to Joe Lieberman is Joe Lieberman. And oh yeah, screwing up Iraq as much as humanly possible.

There is no excuse for giving the Bush administration a pass on Hurricane Katrina. None. The people of Connecticut trusted him to do what he said he'd do. This is a gross violation of that trust.

We were right, and now it is patently obvious who Joe Lieberman really is. These are his last six years in the Senate, so he better enjoy it while it lasts. He isn't the senator from Nebraska (actually the Republican senator from that state is a thousand times more reasonable than Lieberman on foreign policy). He is the senator from one of the bluest states in the country, Connecticut. Well, at least he was.

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