We Will Not Vote for You! A Poem to Donald Trump

Who is this man before us?

This man so full of hate?

This man who if turned President

Thinks to seal our fate?

Who is this man before us?

His voice arrogant and loud

His nostrils flaring when he speaks

His heart so cold and proud

"Build a wall!" We hear him shout

"Let's keep illegals out!"

"Those born here are all the same

They all entered the same route!"

Oh how your ignorance consumes you

Oh what a fool you are

Men like you have come and gone

Yet you're the worst by far

YOU are the rapist, Mr. Trump

You raped us with your words

You tried to strip our dignity

And make us lose our worth

Open your eyes and see our fathers

Who work until they bleed

Until their feet are filled with calluses

Just to meet our needs

Open your eyes and look at us

Not through your eyes of anger

We are the future of America

And not what you call "Anchor"

We crush not your economy

We do not steal your jobs

We do the work that others won't

Because they're lazy snobs

You underestimate our votes

And your failure is foreseen

Polls will open soon

And more will turn 18

This is the message we are sending

A message strong and true

Our voices rise together: