We Will Survive! Stay Vigilant!

It’s been a week of loss. I feel as if I’ve lost my country and I’m pretty certain we’re losing our sanity. We’ve lost our ranking in the World in a week!

Obama signed the fewest Executive Orders since Grover Cleveland. It appears Trump is trying to beat Cleveland’s record in his first full week. I’m not sure he even understands what he is doing, to be honest.

Have we ever had a president that didn’t read? That seems to have the intelligence level of a twelve-year-old? That can’t stop whining about losing the popular vote even though he won the electoral college and IS SITTING IN THE WHITE HOUSE?!

This man/child lives in his own little bubble. He swears the sun was shining on him during his inaugural address. It was raining. All day. Just ask George W., who spent a lot of time wrestling with a plastic poncho while the inaugural address was being read.

The man/child hasn’t stopped arguing with anyone and everyone about the crowd numbers at the inauguration. He swore to David Muir, of ABC News, that there was massive voter fraud, millions of people voting illegally or more than once, even though he WON. He’s wasting people's time and our money to investigate this non-issue

To add to the pathetic beginning of this abhorrent regime, he is totally screwing the people who voted for him. He was going to ‘drain the swamp’ but, he’s filling a new one. His cabinet is overloaded with billionaires who have no intentions of fulfilling the promises Trump made to his followers.

Trump played these poor suckers like a violin. There is no ‘clean coal’ and never will be. Manufacturing jobs will not be coming back from China or Mexico or anywhere else. Money needs to go into education to help them learn how to operate robotics, which is the driving force in manufacturing in this century. Who do you suppose is going to pay for that?

Speaking of Mexico…the WALL! Mexico isn’t going to pay for it and his import tax idea is only going to hurt all of us. A smart person could have figured that out. Not to mention, a large part of the border in Texas is private property. How’s that going to work?

When you don’t have money you believe people who do are smarter than you. You can tell folks it’s not true but they won’t believe you. His wealth was inherited, not earned. He has no empathy for the working man and no respect for women. He has been sued for not paying people who worked for him more times than should be allowed.

The bright side of this past week was all of the amazing marches happening all over the world! The estimate for the U.S. was over 3 million. But, there were marches everywhere, even in Antarctica! I marched in Philadelphia with my husband and 50,000+ friends. They were all peaceful with no arrests. That’s something to be proud of!

The movement is gaining momentum. There will be more push back from those of us who refuse to be shoved backward fifty years. We all need to be aware and pay close attention to what they’re doing in D.C., they cannot be trusted.

One last mention of loss…

My senator, Cory Booker, lost my respect by voting with the republicans in favor of Big Pharma. I am so disappointed and angry with him over this. Bragging that he is MY senator was always a high point for me since I moved to NJ. Not anymore. Clearly, he is capable of being bought and that upsets me more than he cares to know.

I know it all seems very gloom and doom at times. I have been fighting off depression all week. I was reminded of how I felt when they were counting hanging chads in Florida in 2001. At the time I was distracted by my husband being in a coma battling lymphoma. It was one of the worst times in our lives but, we survived, and the country survived. We’ll get through this, too.

How are you feeling about all this? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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