We Wish Someone Looked At Us The Way Amy Schumer's Boyfriend Looks At Her

Can Ben Hanisch be our boyfriend, too?

Amy Schumer and her boyfriend, Ben Hanisch, continue to live out our #relationshipgoals. 

Not only did they just meet and hang out with the cast of "Hamilton" on Broadway, the couple also recently took a vacation that makes our office lives seem pretty bleak. 

During said vacation, the couple spent some quality time surfing -- or, at least, floating on surf boards -- in the water. In one pic, shared by Hanisch on Instagram, the furniture designer is looking at Schumer in a way that says, "Damn, I'm lucky."

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He's probably looking at her like that from behind the camera in this pic, too: 

We've got a floater

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We wish someone looked at us like that. We'll keep dreaming. 



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