The Wealthiest Zip Codes In America, In One Simple Map

Ever wonder where the wealthiest people in America live? Thanks to a new map from data company Experian, you can catch a glimpse.

The map marks the top three zip codes with the highest income in each state. Then it breaks things down further. Highlighted in dark grey is the highest average income in each state. In red is the highest average income in each region of the United States. No surprise, the highest average income in the country -- a whopping $2,976,929 -- comes from a zip code in midtown Manhattan. According to Google maps, the zip code covers one city block.

Three of top five zip codes with the highest average income are in New York. The other two are in Miami Beach and Wilmington, Delaware.

And that's not all. Underneath the map, there's a chart labeling the 100 highest tax-paying zip codes in the country. As Experian notes, it's interesting "to see how widely reported incomes vary" and also how few people live in certain zip codes.

All data for the map comes from the IRS and the US Census, via reports compiled by, and Click on the map for a closer look. "These are the cities on the hilltop, so to speak."

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