Wear A Green Ribbon On Equal Pay Day


The day symbolizes how long it takes for women working full time year-round to “catch up” with the wages white men earned in 2016.

In the U.S., white women are paid just 80 percent of what men are paid for equal work. Over a work lifetime, loss of wages and benefits, including social security and pension, affect women and their families. 

The wage gap is greater for women of color: 60 percent for African-American women and 55 percent for Hispanic women.

I propose women and men who support equal pay for equal work, wear a green ribbon on April 4 and other days. Cut one end 20 percent shorter, to engender discussion for pay parity.

If only more men in power followed self-identified “feminist” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lead. He fulfilled his campaign promise to appoint 15 women to a “parity cabinet” of 30 “because it’s 2015.” President Donald J. Trump has appointed only four women out of 23 Cabinet-level positions (17 percent). This is less than the past five presidents on achieving gender equality.

The male Dean of the Harvard Business School has pledged to diversify its signature case studies and double the women protagonists to 20 percent by 2019. Scribes were added to classes to record more balanced male and female speaking records, which account for 50 percent of the students’ grades.

Share your nominees to honor leaders making the difference for equal pay. 

“Celebrate Women Every Day and Make History!” Onward and upward!

See today’s history in my “Women Make History Every Day Database” at www.beverlywettenstein.com

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