How To Wear The Same Dress All Summer Long, Without Anyone Noticing

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We're major fans of wearing the same thing to work every day. And any garment that helps us do that is aces, in our book.

This summer, all we plan on wearing is a black tank dress. It's versatile, comfortable and most importantly, easy to style in different ways, so everyone won't know we're actually wearing the same thing ... day after day after day.

Here are seven ways to change up your little black dress game all summer long, along with a few of our favorite options you can shop right now. So go ahead, wear the same thing to work every day.

1. Belt it to add some shape to your look.
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2. Add a sweater to turn your dress into a makeshift skirt.
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3. Put on a T-shirt underneath your dress for a schoolgirl-chic look.
tshirt under
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4. Layer one dress on top of another (especially if one is a little too short).
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5. Add a collared shirt underneath for an important meeting.
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6. Break up your dress by tying a flannel around your waist.
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7. Toughen up your look with a leather jacket.
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