Barb From ‘Stranger Things’ Has So Many Dopplegangers IRL


Here’s to you Barb, you teenage dream in mom jeans.

People are taking to Twitter to post pictures of themselves resembling Barbara Holland, AKA “Barb,” from Netflix’s “Stranger Things” to prove how relatable — and truly awesome —the character is.

Barb, played by Shannon Purser, is the quintessential ’80s best friend. She wears thin-rimmed red glasses, plaid blouses and mom jeans before they were cool. She worries about losing her best friend, Nancy, to a cute, popular boy. She can’t shot gun a beer to save her life.

But she’s sassy and has no problem calling out Nancy for wearing a new bra as they head to the aforementioned cute, popular boy’s house on a school night to party rather than studying for a chemistry test:

Barb is not a major character, but when she is on screen, her presence reminds many fans of their awkward high school days.

“I think [Barb] is a style icon and captured geeky ’80s girls perfectly,” Liz Murdock, who posted a picture of herself looking a lot like Barb in high school on Twitter. “I’m a little younger, I was 9 in ‘83, but she still resonated.”

Murdock is not alone in her affection for Barb. Since the show was released on Netflix on July 15, Barb has become a breakout cult favorite.

She’s been hailed a style icon, she’s sparked a flurry of fan art, GIFs and YouTube videos. A pizza place in Brooklyn has even named slices after her.

There is also a hashtag on Twitter, called #WeAreAllBarb, which provides fans with a place to reminisce and post photos of themselves looking like Barb back in their nerdy younger days.

And some post pictures of their striking resemble to Barb today:

Because, really, despite what pop culture has taught us, there’s no shame in being a Barb.

“The Barbs of this world (all of us) don’t run away,” wrote Brian Moylan on Vulture. “We store up our resentment of the mainstream and then we go to college and move to a big city where we turn that resentment into creative magic in the fields of art, design, advertising, event planning, media, and possibly public relations if we’re not lucky.”

We’ll shot gun a beer to that!

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