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Wearing Pajamas To Prom: Is This Really The New Look? (PHOTOS, POLL)

Girls going to prom might be asking their dates to match their corsages not to their dresses, but to their pajamas.

Wait, pajamas?

Yes, bedtime wear is making a major comeback in the style world, and recently, the Wall Street Journal took a page from Teen Vogue (literally) to argue that stylish prom pajamas are what's hot for 2012.

Prom's hottest look this season will be pairing your tiara with jammies; not ones of the flannel Sponge Bob pants kind, but silky nightwear, a la Rachel Roy.

"Girls who are emulating Rooney Mara’s rebel cool and perhaps, in the past, wouldn’t have gone to prom are now going to show up in gender-bending, laid back looks sported by celebrities like Janelle Monáe and her signature tuxedo, or presented in Louis Vuitton’s 2012 resort collection co-designed by Sofia Coppola."

It's true: celebs like Salma Hayek and Rihanna have trailblazed the pajamas-as-daywear look, making it a teensy bit on-trend to rock jammies in places other than the confines of your own house.

We couldn't help but notice that the WSJ is dogging the pajamas beat. In January, teens wear flannel pants to school. And now, the paper says that sleepwear has infiltrated its way to the most formal of high school events.

But then in March, there was the story on schools cracking down on too-revealing prom dresses. So, what are teen girls going to be wearing this season? Too-sexy dresses? Pajamas? Too-sexy pajamas? Will people soon be showing up in just bras and thongs?

Either way, we're kind of glad it's been a good ten years since our prom days -- somehow we remember dressing for the big dance being a whole lot simpler.

Are pajamas really the hottest teen craze since Justin Bieber? Vote below and tell us more about what you think in the comments.

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