7 Reasons Wearing Pants Is The 'Absolute Worst'

"Thighs need freedom."

There are many moments in life -- nay, ALL of the moments -- when wearing pants is just not worth it.

Buzzfeed writer Matt Bellassai says it perfectly -- after a few glasses of Merlot -- in his drunken YouTube series "Whine About It." For starters, he declares, trying on pants is "one big, cruel, painful joke:"

Also, you can't spill anything when you're wearing pants. Also, Stalin wore pants.

And taking pants off is worst of all:

In all, Bellassai gives seven major reasons pants are the worst, and we think you'll agree with all of them when you watch his wine-drenched, bleeped-out #notopants rant above.

As for us, we're skipping pants entirely and hitting full-on skirt mode.

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