15 Signs You're Wearing Too Much Makeup

15 Signs You're Wearing Too Much Makeup

Makeup is awesome, there's no question there, but we tend to abuse cosmetics. We pound on pressed powder like there’s no tomorrow and go overboard with the coats of mascara to get thicker and longer lashes.

If you're in denial or unsure of how much makeup you actually wear, here are 15 signs you're probably wearing too much. Always remember that a little makeup can go a long way.

1. You can barely move your face.

2. You have lipstick smeared across your face.

3. You have very obvious contour lines.

4. Your eyelashes look spidery.

5. Your shirt collars are stained with makeup.


6. Your face powder looks like cake frosting.

7. Your face and neck are two different colors.

8. You have no product left in your bronzer palette.

9. You have to spend more than 15 minutes removing your makeup.

10. Your pillowcases are always dirty.

11. You have people telling you, "Oh, you look different," on the day you don't wear makeup.

12 .Your friends (or even worse, your family) can't remember ever seeing you without makeup.

13. Your eyebrows extend way past their natural shape.

14. Your cell phone screen looks murky.

15. You're constantly touching up your face throughout the day.

Practice makes perfect...

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