A Harry Potter Fan Made A Weasley Location Clock For His Parents, And It's Incredible

It actually works!

Muggles beware: You're gonna want to attempt this DIY version of the Weasley's location clock from Harry Potter.

In the movies, the Weasleys' clock uses hands and faces to show where every member of the family is at a given time: "School," "Work," "Mortal Peril," etc.

Imgur user tbornottb, a college student, decided to make a real-life version of the clock for his own parents. He crafted a DIY replica that actually works:

The homemade clock syncs with his family's phones to determine each member's location, Mashable explains. For example, the clock will say its creator is "Home" when he's in his dorm, and at "Work" when he's in the school library.

"Everyone in the family creates locational rules on their phones, and it updates whenever they enter a specified radius!" tbornottb explained on Imgur.

As for what triggers "mortal peril," tbornottb told Mashable it was "Whatever each person wanted. For example, my sister has it triggered by a forecast of too-cold weather, and I have it triggered by the radius of our rival school."

The DIY process is a bit complicated -- it involves a location-based web service, an antique clock and lots of wires -- but anyone with some tech savvy and major patience could probably do this, too.

We found a detailed set of instructions here, but they still involve quite a bit of computer coding. We'll hide out in a cupboard under the stairs for now.

We've reached out to tbornottb for more information and may update this post accordingly.

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