Weather Channel Co-Founder Battles CNN Anchor On Climate Change

Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman took his controversial global warming skepticism to CNN for a combative interview with "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter on Sunday.

Despite a public disavowal by the company he founded, and a fury of media backlash following an appearance on Fox News last week, Coleman continued to challenge and refute the existence of climate change.

"I’m happy that I got on the air and got a chance to talk to your viewers," Coleman said. "Hello, everybody! There is no global warming!”

“CNN has taken a very strong position on global warming that it is a consensus. Well, there is no consensus in science. Science isn’t a vote. Science is about facts," he continued.

The interview quickly heated up, with Coleman scolding Stelter for introducing him as a "climate denier" instead of a "climate skeptic," and chastising CNN for being one-sided in its coverage of the debate.

Coleman also expressed his disappointment with the Weather Channel.

"The Weather Channel has bought into it. As I say it, they've drunk the Kool-Aid,” he said. “But so has all the media. That’s no big surprise."



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