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Sigourney Weaver Wore Dress Backward At The 2013 SAG Awards? (PHOTOS)

We will never understand why a celeb would choose to wear her clothing backwards.

Not that we don't admire the creativity, of course, but it just rarely goes well. The latest example is Sigourney Weaver, who received poor reviews of her red carpet dress at the 2013 SAG Awards. We knew the ill-fitting satin dress was far from flattering, but what we didn't realize until recently exactly why...

The eagle-eyes over at Red Carpet Fashion Awards point out that Weaver's black Lanvin dress appears to have been worn back to front, meaning the flattering v-neck would've been hidden from view while the high back of the dress cut unflatteringly across Weaver's collarbone. (Alternatively, she might have been wearing this slightly similar Lanvin dress in black.)

Either way, the dress choice was not a good idea. Sorry, Sig.

Of course Sigourney isn't the first star to go front-to-back. Demi Lovato hit the Latin Grammy Awards in 2011 with her backless Roland Mouret turned around, making it... a frontless dress. Amanda Seyfried did the same with her Bodyamr cocktail dress in 2010, as did Angelina Jolie in 2009 at the SAG Awards.

And who could forget Celine Dion's infamous backwards tuxedo at the 1999 Oscars?

Check out Weaver's dress and tell us what you think: was this Lanvin frock a good idea?


weaver wore dress backward

weaver wore dress backward

See the stars who had more sartorial success at the SAG Awards:

Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior

2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards Red Carpet

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