Webby Awards Winners: Best 5 Word Speeches 2011

In case you didn't get to stream the 15th annual Webby Awards last night, we compiled a video slideshow of the best 5-word acceptance speeches, and the funny moments before, for you to rate.

Before the ceremony began we asked for you to tell us what your 5-word speech would be, and we had some hilarious results. For more information on the winners of last night's awards, visit the Webby Awards' website.

You wont believe what Dan Savage, the mastermind behind the "It Gets Better" multi-media internet campaign, almost said in his acceptance speech. He was just one word away from a censor bleep. Get ready to grab those tissues when Christiane Amanpour presents an award to two representatives of the revolution in Egypt. We promise you won't regret it.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the highlights!

Webby Awards: Best 5 Word Speeches 2011