Wechat’s Mini Programs: Its inclusiveness Will Bring Traffic And Dividend To APPs

When the Mini programs first went online, many speculated that it will replace apps, that Wechat was tapping into the app distribution market. Now one year has passed, and it is clear that instead, Wechat has been aiming at creating an open platform for good service providers.

What are Mini Programs”?

One of the characteristics of Mini Programs is that they are highly consumer-oriented. In other words, users can access pre-added programs without the need to download those apps. They can also use, store, and add programs through searching, and sharing with friends. Advantages of Mini Programs include low-threshold, no version limits, no ram needed, and multi-platform accessibility. It better connects users with those popular third-party apps.

WeChat wants to match truly valued apps with its target users, let developers have more targeted apps with better user experience, and lower cost.

A collection of more apps creates a more open eco system for these applications, one of the crucial reasons for WeChat to release the Mini Programs.

A More Open Platform For Small Apps

Different from app distribution markets, the Mini programs on Wechat do not require downloading apps in smart devices. One can simply add the programs in WeChat. Also, Mini Programs don’t rely on users devices, rather, it operates via their cloud server.

Mini Programs save cost of software development and make it easier for maintenance and updates. Developers only need to have their product compatible to internet browsers, so as to be accessible to all operating systems.

Also, WeChat’s dominant social networking genes mean apps in its Mini Programs have higher user reach and retention rates than traditional apps. It also cost less in development, adaptation and promotion spending. Developers and business will enjoy a better marketing environment and faster promotion.

Mini Programs serve connect users with apps

WeChat platform now has accounts like subscriptions, service accounts, enterprise accounts and so on. Unlike these segments, Mini Programs directly connects apps with users.

For app developers, mini programs give them more freedom and fewer limitations, based on H5 web protocol, which better serves users’ experience.

For consumers, their apps in the mini programs are added by themselves, rather than pushed by wechat. They can search the apps they like, and after they followed the various programs, they can get the service and experience without the need to actually download the apps.

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