9 Pieces Of Advice Married Couples Wish They Had Known On Their Wedding Day

No one wants to live their life in the world of "shoulda, coulda, woulda" -- especially when it comes to something as important as getting married.

Luckily for all you future brides and grooms out there, a Reddit thread popped up Sunday asking those who have already tied the knot what they wish they had known on their wedding day.

Here's their advice for your Big Day and all the days after:

1. Take time to appreciate your surroundings.
"At some point in the evening while everyone is having dinner and talking amongst themselves, take a moment to look around at all the people who are there for the two of you, and take it all in."

2. Focus on what really matters.
"I wish I had known that the most important thing about my wedding day was that I got to marry and spend the rest of my life with my best friend - so who cares if the napkins were placed on plates or tables?"

3. Your wedding day is fun, but marriage is even better.
"What is more fun than having sleepovers every night with your BFF? Or having spontaneous couch dates? Marriage is fun. There will be challenges, but anything worth having is worth the effort."

4. Keep the drinks to a minimum.
"Whether you're paying for the alcohol or friends start buying you drinks -- don't drink too much at your wedding. I barely remember the end of our reception and we were both too drunk to have the wild mind blowing sex that I assumed comes with your wedding night . Feeling terrible the day after and having my memories be hazy is something I would change."

5. No matter how much planning you do, something is bound to go wrong.
"Something will go wrong, I guarantee it. Whether it's an important guest that can't make it, the wrong flowers arrive or the food is off, something won't be perfect despite all your planning. Expect it, and happily move on when it happens. The wedding is so short, you don't want to spend any of it unhappy or frustrated about something that really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things."

6. The most important person at your wedding is your future spouse.
"It doesn't matter who can and can't show up. All that matters is you're there with the one you love."

7. Accept that the person you marry today, may change in 20 years.
"You know how you're a vastly different person from who you were as a kid? Well, you never stop changing. This means you're marrying a future person who will bear little resemblance to the wonderful, soft-focus target of your current infatuation."

8. It's your day, so feel free to delegate.
"The bride and groom shouldn't have any responsibilities on their wedding day other than showing up and getting married. Any questions or problems with the setup and scheduling or anything else should go to the best man or a member of the immediate family who has been designated with that job."

9. Be aware that it goes by way too fast.
"It really will go by in the blink of an eye."

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