Wedding Brawl 'Started Over A Pork Pie Apparently,' Cops Say

Wedding Brawl 'Started Over A Pork Pie Apparently!'

We have no idea what pork pie is, but it looks good enough to start a brawl over.

Police in West Yorkshire, England tweeted that a "large fight at a wedding" over the weekend started because of a pork pie.

"All started over a pork pie apparently! #clubclosed #dayruined," the agency tweeted.

The brouhaha began at about 7:20 p.m. when officers responded to an "ongoing disturbance" at the Harold Club in Bradford, The Telegraph reports. Police closed an entire section of the property to "prevent any further problems," but the incident was reportedly brought under control quickly.

Two people were arrested on assault charges, and another person was arrested for "a public order matter," police told the site.

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