Wedding Budget Dos and Don'ts: How Not to Get in Debt Over Your Wedding

Weddings can be expensive, but you don't have to break the bank.
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Do Talk About It
Talk about who will contribute and how much they will contribute before you come up with a budget. Make sure everyone involved is comfortable with their contribution before you start putting deposits down on anything.

Don't Assume Your Parents Will Pay for the Wedding
Don't assume that your parents and his parents will foot the entire bill. Today, many couples, especially if they have been living together for awhile, pay for their nuptials on their own.

Do Ask Vendors a Lot of Questions
When booking vendors, ask a lot of questions to find out if there are any hidden fees and to make sure you can afford the services they're offering. For example, don't agree to any upgrades (colored table linens, fancy chair covers) without first asking if they cost extra.

Don't Overextend Yourself
If you can't afford to have a big reception right away, consider having an intimate gathering and putting off the big reception for a year or two so you can save up for it.

Don't Ever Ask for Money from Guests
When registering or setting up your wedding website, it is not okay to ask guests for monetary gifts. Instead you can register for gift cards or honeymoon adventures through sites like

Do Communicate with Everyone Who Is Helping
Throughout the planning process, make sure that everyone who is helping contribute financially is up-to-date on how their money is being spent so you can ensure there aren't any uneasy surprises.

Don't Bankrupt Your Bridal Party
All of the costs of being in a wedding can add up, so you should think about how your decisions will affect your bridal party. At the very least, make their financial obligations clear as soon as possible and try to make choices that don't place too much burden on them. Plan early, and factor these expenses into your budget. Your attendants are among the friends and family who mean the most to you, and you'll want everyone to feel great about your wedding day.

Do Keep Track of Your Spending
Keep track of your deposits and spending, who paid for what, and how they paid for it. This will help you avoid anyone going over budget and help you to stay within your means.

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