3 Reasons To Consider A Buffet At Your Wedding

3 Reasons To Consider A Buffet At Your Wedding

A great meal brings people together, and your wedding meal has the ability to do the same. From foods that remind you of family to those you love just because, there are countless options to use to fill your wedding menu. However, there are far fewer ways to serve them. Today, we're talking about buffets. Here are three reasons to love them.

1. Buffets are faster. By making all of the courses of your wedding menu available via a buffet, as opposed to serving each course one-by-one, you optimize all of your time. You and your guests are able to enjoy the meal while continuing to mix and mingle. Bonus: everyone will have more time to hit the dance floor.

2. They are less expensive. Saving money on your wedding is typically at the forefront of every wedding decision you'll make, and buffets are far less expensive than formal dinners. Stations require just a few members of your catering team, rather than a full wait staff. A smaller buffet team will still meet all of the needs of you and your guests, and you can use your savings to invest in your future, or to make room for the thing you thought wasn't in your budget.

3. Everyone can eat what he or she likes. Whether you decide to fill your buffet with traditional favorites, comfort foods, or brunch foods, buffets allow you to still be innovative with your menu. Plus, your guests will appreciate the opportunity to decide what to eat and how much of that item they want to enjoy (no substitutions necessary)!

Are you planning to host your wedding buffet-style? Let us know in the comments!

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