13 Wedding Cake Alternatives For Couples Who Prefer Savory Over Sweet

So gouda.

Sweets and cakes may reign supreme at most weddings, but there’s no rule against going in a more savory direction by serving an unconventional, modern wedding cake.

After all, your wedding day is an opportunity to embrace and share all the things you love with your guests, whether it’s a signature cocktail with a clever, punny name or or the assortment of treats you share at the end of the night.

Love lasagna? Serve it as mini cupcakes and watch your guests “ooh” and “ahh” over the adorableness. Are you a bit of a sushi aficionado? Ask a local sushi bar to create an impressive three-tier sushi tower featuring all your favorites.

Need more inspiration? Below, check out 14 non-traditional wedding cake-esque treats that you’re sure to love if you prefer salty over sweet. Non-sweet treats have never looked so good!

This Pizza Lover's Dream
This Fruit-Adorned Cheese Tier
And Another, Because Weddings And Cheese Go So Gouda Together
This Epic Sushi Cake
And This Extra Fancy Sushi Tower
This Delish Mac And Cheese Cake
And Let's Not Forget These Baby Lasagna Cupcakes
This Bacon Cake Fit For A King
And These Avocado-Topped Macarons
This Surprisingly Chic Cheese And Pork Pie Cake

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This Majorly Decadent Fried Chicken Cake
This Fried Chicken Cake And Its Snack-Loaded Sister
The Flour Girl Bakery
And Finally, This Adorable Mice-Topped Cheese Cake
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