The Most Baffling Wedding Cake Ever Just Got A Beautiful Sequel

The Most Baffling Wedding Cake Ever Just Got A Beautiful Sequel

A few weeks ago, a certain tiered wedding cake took the Internet by storm thanks to its beautiful -- yet puzzling -- decor. Now, courtesy of one creative Redditor, there's a second cake that continues the love story.

The original cake told the story of two people meeting, falling in love and eventually getting married -- one scene on each cake tier. But many read the tiers the wrong way and thought it told a story of heartache, rather than happily ever after.

Now, Redditor Lilliumsdecoy has designed an "anniversary cake" that depicts a couple marrying, moving through life together, and eventually starting a family. Remember to read the cake from top to bottom, or else it doesn't make sense (and we don't want that again!).

The cake is blowing up on Reddit right now, but sadly, it was not made for the same couple. "My friend was celebrating his anniversary and asked me to do the graphics for a cake as a surprise for his wife," said the Redditor, noting that the inspiration for the story-telling tiers did come from the original.

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