18 Wedding Cakes That Prove Love Is The Best Ingredient

18 Wedding Cakes That Prove Love Is The Best Ingredient

Wedding cakes are generally full of mouth-watering ingredients like vanilla buttercream, raspberry jam and chocolate ganache. But one thing can make a wedding cake stand out more than anything else -- an ingredient called "love."

Before you roll your eyes at us, note that we don't mean bakeshops who claim their cakes are made with love, we're talking about the actual, bonafide love of siblings, parents, friends and bridesmaids who baked wedding cakes for the brides and grooms in their lives. Check out 18 such cakes below.

"My fiancée made this cake for a friend's wedding." -- Redditor skrivitor

"A wedding cake my stepmum made for a friend. I spent the most tense 20 minutes of my life holding it on the journey to the venue." -- Redditor icemmm

"My first attempt as a cake maker. My sister's wedding cake." -- Redditor Redheaded_Vengeance

"My friends' wedding cake designed and made by one of their bridesmaids!" -- Redditor latencyisbadmkay

"Wedding cake I made for one of my best friends, silver birch bark is harrrdddddd."-- Redditor tommymart

"The most challenging thing I've made, My brothers wedding cake." -- Redditor whatthefuckhappend

"Today my cousin got married. My Dad made the cake as a present for their wedding ... It took him nearly 6 weeks to complete." -- Redditor MaGNeTiX

"Making friends wedding cake ... Had the cake tasting ... Went great! -- Redditor dajatopi

"Proud of my homemade wedding cake!" (Made by the bride herself) -- Redditor bakerybuff

"Wedding Cake I made for my sisters wedding. He is a tree surgeon. I'm very proud of it." -- Redditor tommymart

"I made my very first wedding cake for my dad's wedding." -- Redditor fannyapplebottom

"I packed all my cake supplies 2,200 miles to make my friend's wedding cake in a church kitchen in rural Louisiana." -- Redditor Streetlights_People

"Me and the wedding cake I made for my best friend's wedding!" -- Redditor bionerdette

"The cake I made for my cousin's wedding." -- Redditor ayyylex

"The first big cake I ever made after my sister was drunk and said I should make her wedding cake. Thankfully she didn't regret that :)" -- Redditor tommymart

"Wedding Cake I Did For A Friend ... Vanilla and Chocolate layers." -- Redditor ChloePug

"My friend asked my wife to bake her wedding cake. My wife said yes. Then asked what my friend wanted... 12 (successful) cakes later my kitchen is a mess." -- Redditor jaymths

"Made this cake for a childhood friend's wedding. This picture makes it look WAY cooler than it was :)" -- Redditor flaminfunyun

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