Wedding Cancellation Diva, Northern Virginia Service, Helps You Avoid Saying 'I Do'

Pushing back that wedding day because something has come up?

Have you and your significant other decided not to say "I do?"

Want to break off your wedding but don't have the guts, or decency, to do it yourself?

Wedding Cancellation Diva is here to help.

The company, based in Northern Virginia, handles notifying would-be wedding guests that a wedding is off, or has been postponed. And if need be, they'll even tell your fiance(e) that you're breaking things off, according to the Washington Business Journal.

Of course, these things are sensitive, and owner and founder Naomi Deas Boyle takes that to heart.

"There's no gentle way to put terrible news like that and my heart goes out to anybody on the receiving end of it," she says, adding that it is better to break things off before the wedding than to go through with it and have to deal with a divorce.

As for prices, it really all depends on the package you want to buy.

The further from the date of the wedding, the cheaper the package -- which includes sending cards and, if the wedding is less than a month away, personal one-on-one phone calls to notify guests.

If your wedding is suppose to be more than a month away, cards to 100 guests will run you $350, or $850 as a package with phone calls. But if your wedding is less than two weeks away, that will cost you an additional $500.

For those who want to let their partner know you won't be saying any vows, that's an extra $100 -- which may be steep, but it beats pulling a Julia Roberts and riding away from your wedding on a horse.



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