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Wedding Day Stress: 3 Ways To Calm Down Before Tying The Knot

By Kellee Khalil for

In those last few weeks or days before your wedding, you're likely to be on an emotional roller coaster. Even the lucky people who have two maids of honor, a day-of-coordinator, and a mom who pretty much planned the whole reception can feel a sense of "this is never going to get done" or "if it's not perfect everyone will remember!" Show me the bride who isn't at least stressed about something and I'll eat those words, but pre-wedding stress is typically inevitable. That means you'll need to calm down and find your bridal "zen" at some point during your planning process. So when you're feeling freaked out by the sight of the unfinished "have-to-have" custom napkins you swore you would design and hand-stamp, here are three ways to get back to your happy place.

1. Go honeymoon shopping

You know what they say: there's nothing a little bit of retail therapy can't cure. Instead of going home after work to all of your unfinished projects, head to your favorite shopping center and treat yourself to one of your honeymoon essentials: a new bathing suit cover-up, a pair of sunglasses or a new bronzer. You'll trick your brain into thinking beyond the wedding itself and dreaming about your honeymoon and all of the years that lie ahead.

2. Take a girls' trip

...or just have a girls' night out! Either way, grab a cocktail (or mocktail!) and your favorite gals and start gabbing! Relive funny stories about your friendship, talk about how you met, or just engage in some good old-fashioned gossip (the innocent kind about your celebrity crush or the royal baby, of course). You might learn something new about a lifelong gal pal. And make it a rule that this is a wedding-free zone until you say goodnight.

3. Schedule a solo indulgence

We all indulge ourselves in different ways. For some of us, it's tucked away in a tiny corner of a local used book store, hot chocolate in hand, getting lost in a make-believe world; for others it might be getting a pedicure, massage or a facial. Whatever your vice, plan to do this activity...and to do it alone. You won't be forced to talk about your upcoming nuptials (and again be reminded of those stupid napkins), and you'll get some much needed alone time to think about nothing but what's right in front of you.

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