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25 Wedding Desserts That Are Far More Exciting Than Cake

These dessert options are so tasty, your guests will forget all about cake.
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Not a fan of the traditional wedding cake? These dessert options are so tasty, your guests will forget all about cake.

Cookie Shots
Photo Credit: Ten22 Studio
The ultimate comfort food goes upscale with milk and cookie shots.

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Ice Cream
Photo Credit: Ten22 Studio
Perfect for a summer wedding, create a grab-and-go ice cream stand.

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Pie Tower
Photo Credit: Jose Villa
Dig into a slice of your favorite pie together.

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Photo courtesy of Hollywood Candy Girl
A create-your-own-s'mores bar is a crowd-pleasing option any time of year.

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Cinnamon Rolls
Photo Credit: One Fine Cookie
Cinnamon buns aren't your typical wedding fare — which is why your guests will love this unexpected choice.

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Dessert Shots
Photo Credit: Manhattan Beach Creamery
Transform your favorite dessert into a sweet dessert shooter, featuring layers of pastry and cream in a shot glass.

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Photo Credit: Becca Rillo
Instead of cutting the cake, drizzle syrup over your waffle stack together.

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Doughnut Hole Skewers
Photo Credit: Joielala Photographie
For a fun treat, serve bite-size doughnut holes on skewers.

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Cookie Bar
Photo Credit: Abby Rose Photo
Feature your favorite family recipes in an elaborate cookie buffet.

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Photo courtesy of Equally Wed on
This traditional French dessert consists of cream puffs and caramel.

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Cookie Tower
Photo Credit: Brandy Angel Photography
Cut into tiers of soft-baked cookies.

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Stacked Cookies
Photo Credit: Rena Harvey
These adorable cookies are designed to look like mini wedding cakes.

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Oreo Tower
Photo Credit: Andi Mans Photography
Pile up these cookie sandwiches to create a cookie cake.

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Photo Credit: OneLove Photography
This French dessert has taken the world by storm; make them even more fitting for a wedding by displaying them on a tiered platter.

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Mini Pies
Photo Credit: Set Free Photography
A stack of mini pies lets each of your guests grab his or her favorite flavor.

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Pie Pops
Photo courtesy of Pillsbury
A pie-on-a-stick is deliciously portable.

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Pie Fries
Photo courtesy of Elegant Affairs, Inc.
This grab-and-go dessert is perfect for a wedding — your guests can keep on dancing while satisfying their sweet cravings.

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Fruit Tarts
Photo Credit: Kurt Boomer
Light and refreshing, fruit tarts are a crowd-pleasing dessert option after a hearty meal.

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Photo Credit: Ashlyn Dawson Photography
Top your doughnut tower with a cake tier so that you can still have that cake-cutting moment.

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Photo Credit: The Jo(e)s Photos
Cupcakes are the most popular wedding cake alternative; give your dessert display a whimsical touch with unique décor.

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Mini Cakes
Photo Credit: Pasteleria Martinez
Fancier than cupcakes but more portable than a cake, these mini cakes are the perfect compromise.

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Cake Pops
Photo Credit: Sweet Lauren Cakes
For an elegant take on this fun dessert, display your cake pops on a tiered platter.

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Rice Krispie Treats
Photo Credit: Kina Wicks Photography
Feature your favorite childhood treat in a wedding-worthy way with a cake make of Rice Krispie treats.

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Cotton Candy
Photo Credit: Johnny Miller
Guests will love this nostalgic treat!

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Candy Buffet
Photo Credit: The Rose Weddings
Gather a variety of candies that match your wedding color scheme, and invite each guest to fill a bag to take home.

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