Wedding Disaster: Drunken Guests Throw Lobster, Punch Bride

It's no surprise that wedding guests can get a little bit rowdy when there's alcohol flowing freely, but throwing food at each other? That's taking rowdy to the next level.

Guests at former Newcastle United soccer player Danny Guthrie's wedding got out of hand when they began throwing Lobster Thermidor at each other during the June 2 reception.

The celebration, which was held at the stately Allerton Castle, turned violent when bride Rebecca Middleman was punched in the face by a guest, reports The Daily Telegraph.

According to the British newspaper, local police were contacted three times during the party but didn't arrive until 2:25 AM to break up the out-of-control reception.

Though the police had calmed things down, they were forced to return to the venue again just two hours later after wedding guests protested by smashing down a door.

Staff at Allerton Castle told The Telegraph that the guests "behaved like peasants with money."

Unfortunately, these partiers aren't the first out-of-control wedding guests in the news. In April, an Ohio guest named Brooke Burke made headlines after she started a nasty brawl with the bride (no, not that Brooke Burke).

While every couple hopes that their Big Day will be perfect, unexpected mishaps do happen. Click through the slideshow below to see readers' wedding disaster stories, then share your own nuptial "fails" by adding a slide.

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