Wedding Dress Cost: Caitlin Kenney Explains Why Gowns Are So Expensive (VIDEO)

When Caitlin Kenney, producer of NPR's Planet Money, got married in May 2011, she paid more than $2,700 for her gown.

That seemed expensive, so Kenney decided to investigate why her lacy, strapless dress from Enzoani cost so much. In this video, posted on NPR's website Wednesday, she visits a fabric store and a tailor to find out the cost of the fabric and labor for her dress.

According to a recent report from wedding websites and, the average amount spent on a bridal gown in 2011 was $1,121 -- an increase of $22 since 2010. It might not seem like much, but, according to Kenney, many brides are paying way more than their dresses are worth.

Watch the video above to see what Kenney discovered about the price of wedding dresses.