Wedding Dress Shows Bride's Emotions Using LED Lights, Pulsating Flowers (VIDEO)

A bride is often a bundle of emotions on her Big Day. Two Canadian designers have created a wedding gown that incorporates those intense emotions into the fabric of her dress.

Earlier this month, Wynnie Chung, a student at Simon Fraser University, and Emily Ip, a SFU grad, designed a dress called Wo.Defy that measures the wearer's breathing, heart rate and movement. These measurements activate LED lights and pulsating fabric flowers built into the dress, resulting in a gown that moves and glows depending on the wearer's emotional state (watch the video above for more details).

Chung and Ip were inspired by 20th century Chinese suffragettes called the Self-Combing sisters who rejected traditional roles for women, they told the Vancouver Sun. The dress can express emotions like apprehension that might typically be suppressed at a wedding.

“Through our dress we detect raw physiological data, and we expose it, so there is nothing to hide. You show your true self, in a sense,” Ip told the Vancouver Sun. “We asked why is marriage and family our final destination?”

Turns out wedding dresses can be pretty high-tech. Carrie Underwood wore a wedding gown-like dress at the Grammys earlier this month that used LED technology to project images onto the fabric. And in 2010, British researchers designed an environmentally-friendly dress that dissolves in water after being worn.

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