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Wedding Fail: Groomsman Tries To Pose For Photo (VIDEO)

We've seen a lot of awkward wedding videos, but this one has got to be one of the most painful we've ever seen.

In this very short clip from YouTube user StanleyGreer23, a groomsman (left) and groom attempt to do a backflip stunt in a wedding photo.

Unfortunately, the stunt goes horribly wrong when the groomsman lands flat on his face.

Aaron, the unlucky groomsman who uploaded the video to YouTube, told HuffPost Weddings that the incident happened just four-and-a-half-hours before the Owensboro, Kentucky wedding on February 25.

According to Aaron, the photos were taken as part of a pre-wedding photo shoot, and each groomsman was asked by the photographer to take one serious photo and one silly photo with the groom, Jeff. "This picture was an attempt at the silly picture," he said. "In addition to landing the flip.... we wanted to have a cool mid-air/flip shot in tuxes."

Aaron was knocked unconscious for five seconds after he fell, and luckily, he walked away from the incident without any serious scratches or wounds. Surprisingly, his tux was fine, too.

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