Wedding Flowers 101: Choosing the Florist

Wedding florists are the ultimate wedding stylists! Choosing your wedding flowers and style is best left to a good floral designer no matter how big or small your budget is.
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Wedding florists are the ultimate wedding stylists! Choosing your wedding flowers and style is best left to a good floral designer no matter how big or small your budget is. I've been designing wedding floral arrangements for many years and have worked with all sorts of preferences and visions. When first meeting with a couple, the initial conversation typically goes as the follows:

I ask the bride to share her vision with me and most brides respond with "I love roses (or another flower of the moment) and the wedding will be very formal," and then they proceed to stare blankly at me searching for answers. It is very rare that a bride has her planning boards filled with flower choices and design inspiration. Even in these rare cases someone does have the boards, they are usually thrown out within the first 15 minutes of our discussion due to her flower choice being unavailable, out of her budget range or not the most attractive look possible for her wedding day. It's my job as her florist to style the bride in floral that surpasses all her expectations. Following our conversation, I do a little interview with the couple where I take note of the couple's personal style. Are they glam and flashy? Simple and country? Somewhere in between? After I determine the style, I dive into planning the design of their wedding. I love to make the bride feel and look gorgeous, sophisticated, chic and romantic, the look all brides want on their big day. It's my job to figure out a look they will love while staying close to their budget.

Are you currently searching for a floral designer? Here's how you know you're in good hands:

- Creativity: The florist should be able to present you with ideas that are interesting and beautiful. They should create a special style specific for your wedding, completely personalized to your wants and needs.

- Trust: Your styling really falls into the hands of the flower designer. The florist should verbally tell the story of how your day will feel in flowers and when you leave the initial meeting, you should feel totally comfortable leaving the floral details in his/her hands.

- Budget-friendly: The florist should offer a mix of price ranges and be flexible and willing to work within your budget.

In the end you'll have a sense of their expertise, style, fair pricing and assurance that everything will be gorgeous on your big day and that really sets a great florist apart. People who meet with me rarely, if ever, leave without hiring me to design their event. It's a matter of trust. Be sure to share as many details about yourself as possible during your consultation with a florist such as your occupation, hobbies, event aesthetics you typically prefer, atmosphere you're looking for, etc. With these details, your florist will be able to make your vision a reality. Often times, the idea a florist comes up with is something you may have never considered before, but ends up being just right!

When you leave the appointment you should have an overwhelming feeling that you've made the right choice in a designer. The day of your wedding will be a breeze knowing the flowers are in perfect bloom and in good hands. When the day is over, the carefully crafted bouquets, beautiful table arrangements and charming floral accents will be a vivid part of your wedding day memories.

Keep Blooming!

Michael Gaffney

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