Wedding Food: 'Top Chef' Contestants Share Their Dream Wedding Menus

HuffPost Exclusive: 'Top Chef' Contestants Share Their Dream Wedding Menus

If there's one thing that guests are sure to remember about your wedding, it's the food.

In order to get some foodie inspiration for the big day, we asked contestants from all seasons of the acclaimed cooking competition show "Top Chef", including Kevin Sbraga, winner of season seven, and Dale Levitski, runner up in season three, one question: What dishes would you have on your dream wedding menu, and why?

Whether you're into traditional wedding fare or want more of a culinary adventure, these chefs have offered up their best dishes and menu ideas for making your wedding day special.

Click through the slideshow below to find out what these "Top Chefs" would feature on their dream wedding menus.

Chef Sam Talbot


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