Wedding Food Trends For Fall 2013 (VIDEO)

While couples in years past may have been content to serve a standard chicken-or-beef wedding menu, today's pairs are opting for customized, gourmet food and drink at their celebrations.

Amy Shey Jacobs, founder of Chandelier Events, stopped by HuffPost Live this week to discuss the biggest food trends at fall weddings. She said that because couples are paying more attention to what they're serving, she's seeing a lot more "farm-to-fork" foods from local farms, family-style meals where everyone shares from a platter, and small plates instead of a standard sit-down meal.

"Sometimes instead of doing a traditional three-course meal, we're seeing five, six, seven courses or 'roaming' meals [where guests can walk around and graze]," she said.

Jacobs also said that comfort foods are still a huge wedding trend, but now she's seeing cronuts, donuts with dipping sauces, mac and cheese, sliders, and other one-bite foods, such as mini pretzel buns, on fall wedding menus.

Watch the video above to learn more (and click here to see the full segment), then click through the slideshow below for more mouthwatering wedding food ideas.

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