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Wedding Gifts That Are So Cool, You'll Never Find Them On A Registry (PHOTOS)

Weddings are a fabulous time for the bride and groom (planning headaches aside). But for the guests? Well, that's debatable. We are fraught with details like where to stay, what to wear and what to give the celebrated duo. Though, the argument in my brain usually sounds something like this: Is the vase too cheap? But we already spent so much on the tickets to get here!

By the time I actually purchase a wedding gift, the pair has already celebrated their first anniversary, but that is beside the point. My major problem is that when I check their registry online (What is her maiden name? How am I supposed to know?) all the relatively inexpensive stuff has been purchased, and I am left with crystal candlesticks that cost about as much as a mortgage payment. So, rather than put yet another expense on my overextended credit card, I take another route: Gifts that weren't on the registry. Risky? Maybe. But if they don't like it, they can always return it. We've rounded up 12 wedding gift options that are worthy of earning you the title of "Best Guest Ever."

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Unique Wedding Gifts