This Bride And Groom Took Their Wedding Kiss To The Next Level

Alexis Tyler and Tomy Szczypiorski decided to seal their wedding vows with more than just a kiss when they tied the knot in Highgate Springs, Vt. this weekend.

In an email, the groom explained the sweet story behind their wedding handshake. It all began when the couple took their first big international trip together during the summer of 2011 and spent some timing visiting Szczypiorski's extended family in Poland. The then-9-year-old daughter of one of his relatives taught them the handshake, which happens to be very popular among Polish children.

"Alexis was the first significant other of mine to ever meet my extended family," Szczypiorski told HuffPost Weddings. "I always told myself that it wasn’t until I met ‘the one’ that I would bring that person to Poland to introduce her to our family’s roots. This simple little handshake was a great way to remember such a special time in our lives."

They soon made the handshake their own by adding a new step for every big trip or other important life event they experienced together.

tomy and lexi

"We knew that we would have to add a step for our wedding day, and what better way to end our new handshake than with a kiss!" Szczypiorski explained. "Our wedding kiss is now our eleventh step! It will be a great way to remember our wedding day and everything it represented for us."

Here’s to many more steps to come!

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