This Couple Got Married On A Sandbar In The Middle Of The Caribbean Sea

A wedding fit for a mermaid!
03/07/2017 06:53pm ET

Bride Susana Zamos and her groom Jovany had dreamed of getting married in the middle of the ocean, but their original wedding planners promptly shot down the idea.

“We had a wedding planner who told us, ‘No, you can’t get married in the ocean, it’s far too complicated,’” the bride said in the video above. “So I said, okay, he’s right. We’ll just get married on the beach like everyone else and that’ll be it.”

But photographer Sol Tamargo and her team at Del Sol Photography were committed to making it happen. In November 2016, Susana and Jovany’s dream became a reality when they, along with 100 of their guests, were boated to the El Cielo sandbar in Cozumel, Mexico for the wedding ceremony. The photos are nothing short of breathtaking.

El Cielo is a sandbar off the coast of Cozumel, only accessible by boat.
The couple made their mermaid/merman dreams come alive with this magical photo shoot. 
The photographers flew a drone over the area to capture some aerial images. 

“I have always loved the water,” the bride said in a blog post on the Del Sol Photography website. “I’m a scuba diver and was fortunate enough to grow up with a pool in the backyard and the sea not far away. My happiest days were always in the water.”

Splish splash! 

Holding a wedding ceremony in the middle of the Caribbean Sea was a challenge that involved a lot of logistical planning and the proper camera equipment. But the end result made it all worth it.

Now you may kiss your mermaid! 

“I was shooting from the boat, then I jumped into the water wearing a snorkel, mask and wetsuit and mermaid cap in the middle of a wedding!” the photographer said. “When do you ever get to do something like that?”

Below, more photos from the couple’s beautiful big day:

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