Wedding Instagram Accounts You Aren't Following But Should Be (PHOTOS)

6 Weddings Instagram Accounts You Aren't Following (But Should Be)

With so many amazing wedding Instagram accounts to choose from, it's hard to know if you're following the right ones. Some are givens -- BHLDN, Jose Villa, Mindy Weiss and Style Me Pretty just to name a few. But there are other great accounts with slightly smaller followings that -- until now -- have been flying under the radar. We've handpicked six Instagram personalities you may not have heard of (yet!), but will be great sources of inspiration for all your planning endeavors. Below, find out who they are and what they love about working in the weddings space.

1) Photography: Katie Stoops (@katiestoops)
"Every single wedding is different. I love that. I absolutely adore that a couple can make their day anything they want it to be and I get to be a part of it. Out of the entire day, I think my favorite time is when I get to take the couple away for a few moments to do portraits. I am able to witness them truly enjoying where they have arrived together and embracing the day."

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2) Letterpress: Craig & Alexandra Rinde (@aerialistpress)
"What we love most about weddings will always be the joy infused in every little decision our couples make about their wedding day. Every detail that brings their celebration of love, friends and family to life is important and we are thrilled that we have the privilege of crafting the first detail their guests will have contact with. It is truly something to create one of the few pieces of paper our brides and grooms will treasure for their entire lives."

3) Dresses: Carol Hannah Whitfield (@carolhannahwhitfield)
"The thing I love most about weddings is how truly personal they really are, both emotionally and aesthetically. It's not just a party -- every person involved is invested in the couple and our brides want every detail to reflect their personality, vision and the vibe of their relationship with their fiancé and also with the loved ones they are celebrating with. As a designer, the time and energy we pour into painstakingly small detail after detail culminates in one gown that represents this one particular person. We get to hear amazing stories, and it's incredibly satisfying to be a part of that process and to see our girls' visions for their weddings come to life."

4) Flowers: Nancy Teasley (@oakandtheowl)
"As a designer I get so much joy seeing my bride dancing and laughing at the end of the night after (commonly) stressing over all the little details -- which straw to choose, what green leaf to make the garlands out of, etc. Don’t get me wrong, those details matter. My job is to make sure that they matter, and that they work together. But then the Big Day comes, and the vendors that the bride put her trust in give her the wedding she always dreamed of. At that point, all that's left is for her to relax and have the most fun she's ever had. I love seeing my bride fully enjoy all the fruits of our labor during those eight very important hours of her life, knowing that the beauty that surrounds her and her loved ones came from the hands of people who understand the importance of weddings and have made it their lives to create them."

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5) Cakes: Catherine Haebe (@kneadtomake)
"The thing that I love most is seeing the bride's reaction when I get to present a finished product to her. Whether it's the invitations or the cake, when the bride sees something she had only been able to visualize up until that point, her reaction is usually downright gleeful. In that moment I cannot help but feel proud and incredibly fortunate that I get to be a part of that happiness, however large or small."

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6) Planner: Heather Balliet (@amorology)
"I love how each and every wedding can be as different and inspiring as the couples themselves. I love the happiness and emotion that comes with weddings and the role we play to help create and form memories for one of the most significant days of their lives. I also love the celebration of families joining together. There is nothing in this world quite as special as the creation of new families and the gathering of loved ones from all your walks of life coming together to be there as a support for you."

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